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Ann and Bengt are self taught and began producing their own designs in 1989. Since 1996 they have been running their own ceramic studio. In the years following they have developed their skills in different ways. They have participated in courses with internationally known ceramists such as John Leach, John Gibson, Byron Temple, Linda Christiansen and Randy Johnston. They have also taken many courses in style, design, cultural history and exhibition at Linkoepingīs University.


ANN  GEWECKE, ceramist and fiber artist

Ann makes unique obects in stoneware, but also beleives
that it is interesting to combine clay with other material. Therefore she sometimes introduces the stoneware to metal and wool, which results in interesting contrasts between the hard and the soft, the diffuse and thin, and the compact and solid. Ann finds inspiration in nature from it forms, formations, colours, and materials. A trip to Iceland, for example, resulted in a series of bowls with mottled glaze and edges of wool.
Ann also makes textiles, such as curtains, draperies and tapestries. Colour is very important to Ann and her textiles are full of bright and warm colours.

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Bengtīs inspiration comes most often from forms found in
his parental home where there were many objects that were industrially manyfactured and which had a design that was both austere and functional. The foundation of Bengtīs production is goods for daily use with teapots as a speciality. Simple clean lines and obvious function are departure points for Bengtīs work. Bengt has designed a number of services in stoneware as well as drinking glasses in leadfree crystal. In more exceptional, artistic objects, the hallmark of Bengtīs work is simplicity and austerity in decor, but he also thinks it is exciting to combine the stoneware with metal objects such as screws and bolts which can withstand firing in the kiln.

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